Environmental Protection Industry

The rapid development of industrialization has promoted social progress, improved people's quality of life, and achieved all-round contact between people and things; however, when humans continue to extract resources from nature, they are polluting our environment. With the increasing awareness of human beings on the protection of the natural environment, we use modern scientific and technological means such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, telemetry, remote sensing, and computers to monitor, measure, and monitor various sign data reflecting environmental quality and its changing trends. , so as to make a comprehensive evaluation of environmental quality, such as air, water, soil, etc., countless outdoor monitoring and analysis station work requires a suitable temperature range, which is undoubtedly a broad space for outdoor temperature control products.


EC Series Outdoor Air Conditioner, MC Series Outdoor Air Conditioner

Наружный кондиционер серии MC
Наружный кондиционер серии EC
  • Процесс многослойной защиты поверхности
  • ≥10 лет сверхдлительного срока службы
  • Гуманизированный рабочий интерфейс
  • Автоматический запуск при включении питания
  • Доступен удаленный мониторинг
  • Экологически чистый хладагент
  • Интеллектуальный метод управления